Hollis Nelson was born on unceded Coast Salish territories to working class parents of mixed European descent. Hollis was schooled from home and raised on a strict vegetarian diet. Her family followed a Sikh spiritual leader and her early years were spent practicing yoga and meditation. Her art practice is informed by this mixed upbringing and engages with questions of place, identity and belonging. She paints with acrylics, working on recycled material, clothing and fabric, as well as large scale canvas.

Along with her physical art practice, Hollis is involved with a variety of projects that connect her to Vancouver’s artist community. She is the art curator for Wallflower Modern Diner and she is a mastermind member of Thrive Art Studio. She works as community engager for Sunrise Studios and in 2017 Hollis co-founded Hawks Creative Collective.

This land, my home,

stolen for me

never to be owned, claimed none the less

I go to belong

(Where is that place)

fractured and broken, lineage lies